Muut Dildot

Muut Dildot


3 Bangs for your Butt Junior

The mighty 3 Bangs for your Butt dildo proved to be our biggest ever selling toy. It topped sales of..

31.99€ Veroton hinta: 31.99€

American Bombshell B7 Warhead Gun Metal

Looking for bigger and better, The Warheads triple ripples give intense stimulation, and with a girt..

21.99€ Veroton hinta: 21.99€

American Bombshell Ballistic 10 Inch Dildo

For those seeking serious action, the Ballistic packs wallop at 10 inches of heavily ribbed shaft wi..

62.99€ Veroton hinta: 62.99€

Andromede Huge Suction Cup Dildo

Super large dildo with suction cup and big ridges for extra stimualtion..

73.99€ Veroton hinta: 73.99€

Baseball Banger

The new Baseball Banger is actually shaped like a baseball bat. The balls are baseballs too. Score a..

47.99€ Veroton hinta: 47.99€

Belladonnas Bitch Fist

Shes the kinkiest girl in porn. And when she makes a fist, she knows exactly where its going. Get as..

56.99€ Veroton hinta: 56.99€

Belladonnas Magic Hand

Molded from Belladonna herself, a life size replica of her hand..

49.99€ Veroton hinta: 49.99€

Bendable Winky

The Bendable Winky is a pliable dildo that you can bend into any desired direction to insure total s..

36.99€ Veroton hinta: 36.99€

Big Jake

Big Jake, a new sensational giant dildo that measures a gorgeously pleasing 27cm in pummelling lengt..

42.99€ Veroton hinta: 42.99€

Bum Boner

The new Bum Boner anal plug will be a big hit with bumfun fans. A bit bigger than your common or gar..

45.99€ Veroton hinta: 45.99€

Caterpillar Dildo

By popular request, were thrilled to offer the latest giant dildo from the Caterpillar...

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This gives a whole new meaning to its a dogs life Clifford is an Anatomically Correct Dog Penis, it ..

31.99€ Veroton hinta: 31.99€

Clifford Doggie Suction Dong

Realistic looking dog shaped penis but now with a suction cup base for hands free stimulation...

48.99€ Veroton hinta: 48.99€

Cock Crazy

Know a girl thats crazy for cock. Sick of regular fake dicks. Cock Crazy, a crazy style of dildo for..

39.99€ Veroton hinta: 39.99€

Double Wide Gigadong

Made with firm, flesh coloured PVC it stands 22cm high and is fetishly wide at its widest point at t..

66.12€ Veroton hinta: 66.12€

Duo Fist Dildo

2 Hands are better that 1. This double fisted Dildo will stretch you in ways you never thought possi..

87.99€ Veroton hinta: 87.99€

EZ Rider Ball Realistic 6inch

The EZ Rider Rocker and any of our easy slip on VACULOCK products can now give you total control whi..

53.99€ Veroton hinta: 53.99€

EZ Rider Ball Realistic 8inch

The EZ Rider Rocker and any of our easy slip on VAC U LOCK products can now give you total control w..

69.99€ Veroton hinta: 69.99€

Fat Man In A Barrel

The biggest in the Barrel range. This whopper is 8 inches high and 4 inches at its widest point and ..

52.99€ Veroton hinta: 52.99€

Fat Man Megadong

When only the biggest will satisfy, you need the Fat Man Megadong. Totally giant sized head measu..

61.99€ Veroton hinta: 61.99€

Foreskin Flippin Good

The Foreskin Fucking features gentle ridges and ripples of foreskin right down the shaft, and a c..

32.99€ Veroton hinta: 32.99€

Giga Dong

The Gigadong is the biggest dildo we have ever seen. In fact, its mind blowing. It measures almost ..

77.99€ Veroton hinta: 77.99€


The Headmaster dildo is a 7 inch flesh dildo with a difference. Features an extra large, flared head..

25.99€ Veroton hinta: 25.99€

Hitachi G Wand Attachment

This magic wand accessory is designed for total stimulation. Slipping right over the head of your Hi..

20.99€ Veroton hinta: 20.99€

Hitachi Tri Wand Attachment

This sex toy turns your Hitachi Magic Wand or other Magic Massager into a vibrating double penetrato..

20.99€ Veroton hinta: 20.99€

Jolly Good Giant

Heads up for The Jolly Good Giant Dong Whopping sized dildo with a pointed head and noballs base, th..

61.28€ Veroton hinta: 61.28€

Lemonade Butt Plug

If the FunKist Lemon is not enough for you why dont you try the Lemonade. All 10.5 inches of bubblin..

45.99€ Veroton hinta: 45.99€

Leviathan Giant Inflatable Dildo with Internal Core

If grandiose and intimidating is your idea of a good time, look no further. Both are exemplified her..

62.99€ Veroton hinta: 62.99€

Man In A Barrel

This is a mighty toy. Measuring 8 inches from head to toe, the head is 3 inches wide Another great d..

44.99€ Veroton hinta: 44.99€

Matador 12 Inch Dong

The Big, Black 12 Inch Matador Dildo is a ribbed penis head dildo thats not only nice and long (12 i..

37.99€ Veroton hinta: 37.99€

Matador Suction Cup Red

The big, red 12 Inch Matador Dildo is a ribbed penis head dildo thats not only nice and long 12 inch..

42.99€ Veroton hinta: 42.99€

Mighty Joe Long

This is the biggest dildo you can imagine. If youre into Giant Sized Dildos, then the Homo Gigantus ..

97.99€ Veroton hinta: 97.99€

Mobys Dick

This is modelled from a whale penis. Anatomically correct the Mobys Dick measures a whopping 14 inc..

66.99€ Veroton hinta: 66.99€

Mr Ed

Fancy a guy thats hung like a horse A horse is a horse of course. and what a whopper Mr Ed. is an an..

90.99€ Veroton hinta: 90.99€

Oz Fist Large Dildo

Moulded from a mans hand and wrist the Oz Fist is incredibly realistic. The shape is perfect for Fis..

85.99€ Veroton hinta: 85.99€

Polyphemus Mega Suction 11 Inches

This huge toy, measuring 11 Inches in length, is a wormy shape, perfect for the more advanced. This ..

81.99€ Veroton hinta: 81.99€

Renegade Inflatable Dildo

The Renegade Inflatable Dildo is designed to fulfill your naughty desires. With each squeeze of the ..

47.99€ Veroton hinta: 47.99€

Sensual Bender

Jelly soft bendable and sturdy probe. Bend it any way you want it. Granulated soft sexy and glittere..

24.99€ Veroton hinta: 24.99€

Shaft Large Dildo 17.5 Inches

This huge heavily viened dong really is something to be proud of owning, a huge 17.5 Inches in lengt..

72.99€ Veroton hinta: 72.99€

Shroom Dong

The Shroom, just like a mushroom has a flared head and a slimmer shaft. Also known as the Headmaster..

53.99€ Veroton hinta: 53.99€

Silicone Love Rider G Kiss 6 Inch Dong

The Complete Strap On System accessory. Premium, solid, silky smooth, unscented Silicone probes with..

47.99€ Veroton hinta: 47.99€

Silicone Love Rider GCaress Probe

Premium, solid, silky smooth, unscented Silicone probes with suction cup base. Probes are designed t..

47.99€ Veroton hinta: 47.99€

Silicone Love Rider Rippler 7 Inch Probe

The Complete Strap On System accessory. Premium, solid, silky smooth, unscented silicone probes with..

56.99€ Veroton hinta: 56.99€

Silicone Love Rider Thruster Probe

Premium, solid, silky smooth, unscented Silicone probes with suction cup base. Probes are designed t..

56.99€ Veroton hinta: 56.99€

Stoneman Dildo

Huge penis shaped dildo with veins and scrotum...

66.99€ Veroton hinta: 66.99€

The Annihilator XXXL Dildo

This cyclopean dildo is only for those ready for the ultimate in extreme ass decimation. A towering ..

162.99€ Veroton hinta: 162.99€

The Black Destroyer Huge Suction Cup Dildo

You will probably need a ball gag, too, unless you want the neighbors to hear all the noise There is..

112.99€ Veroton hinta: 112.99€

The Finger Fuck

This is the ideal alternative to a penis shaped dildo a slender finger shaped dildo to tease and tit..

21.99€ Veroton hinta: 21.99€

The Fist

Fist shaped dildo, flesh coloured 35cm...

60.99€ Veroton hinta: 60.99€

The Gigilo Dong

The slim, smooth, 7 inch Gigilo is a perfect starter toy and this version is redi lock base making i..

25.99€ Veroton hinta: 25.99€

The Hand

Hand shaped dildo Circumference is 9 inches and diameter is 3.5 inches Due to the length of the prod..

53.99€ Veroton hinta: 53.99€

The HUGE 3 Bangs for your Butt

This toy is most certainly NOT for the faint hearted A real tripletreat measuring a whopping 11 inch..

62.99€ Veroton hinta: 62.99€

Tremendous Trevor 14 Inch Dildo

Experience tremendous pleasure with a true behemoth Tremendous Trevor is large, cocked, and ready fo..

87.99€ Veroton hinta: 87.99€

Two Shots in the Dark

Sure to be a big hit with all you giant dildo fans, the new Two Shots In The Dark aka the Double Ban..

56.99€ Veroton hinta: 56.99€


Valentino will be sure to spice up your life. Measuring 10.5 inches this over sized realistic lookin..

43.99€ Veroton hinta: 43.99€

Wolfman Dildo With Suction Cup Base

10.5 inch dildo in the shape of a wolves penis. It has a suction cup bas so can be used hands free o..

40.99€ Veroton hinta: 40.99€