Bondage Body

Leather strap and hoop body. Adjustable with buckles...

87.99€ Veroton hinta: 87.99€

Bra and Brief Chain Set

Bra and Briefs set from metal chains, adjustable with carabine hooks...

74.99€ Veroton hinta: 74.99€

Imitation Leather Dog Mask

Dog shaped hood made of black faux leather with zipper crossing the muzzle. Lacing in the back. Coll..

51.99€ Veroton hinta: 51.99€

Leather Bare Back Skirt

Genuine leather open back skirt with straps and buckles...

158.99€ Veroton hinta: 158.99€

Leather Basque

Genuine leather boned basque with laceup front and zip at the back...

224.99€ Veroton hinta: 224.99€

Leather Basque Open Cup

Genuine leather cupless boned basque with laces up front and laces up at the back...

199.99€ Veroton hinta: 199.99€

Leather Body

Genuine leather, Open, boned body with side laces...

199.99€ Veroton hinta: 199.99€

Leather Body Suit

Genuine leather body with zip and elastic, rivet detail. One size with elastic...

124.99€ Veroton hinta: 124.99€

Leather Brief

Genuine leather string decorated with chain. One size with elastic...

49.99€ Veroton hinta: 49.99€

Leather Brief Dildo

Leather briefs with dildo inside. Adjustable with buckles...

108.99€ Veroton hinta: 108.99€

Leather Brief Pouch with Zip

Genuine leather brief with front zip detail. Adjustable with buckles...

62.99€ Veroton hinta: 62.99€

Leather Brief with front Chain

Genuine leather string decorated with chain across front. One size with elastic...

37.99€ Veroton hinta: 37.99€

Leather Brief with Open Front

Genuine leather brief with detachable front. Adjustable with buckles...

112.99€ Veroton hinta: 112.99€

Leather Chain Bikini

Open strap bikini, decorated with chains, no collar. Genuine Leather, adjustable with buckles...

104.99€ Veroton hinta: 104.99€

Leather Chain Bra

Chain top with leather collar and ring, adjustable with press studs...

87.99€ Veroton hinta: 87.99€

Leather Chastity Brief

Chastity belt with two holes in crotch and padlock front. Adjustable...

92.99€ Veroton hinta: 74.99€

Leather Collar and Chain

Genuine leather dog collar with chain. Adjustable with buckle...

58.99€ Veroton hinta: 58.99€

Leather Corset

Genuine leather waist corset with side laces and zip at the back...

131.99€ Veroton hinta: 131.99€

Leather Corset Cuffs

Genuine leather wide belt complete with scrotum ring and handcuffs. Adjustable with laces...

168.99€ Veroton hinta: 168.99€

Leather Halterneck Top

Genuine leather top with buckle fastening front...

128.99€ Veroton hinta: 128.99€

Leather Harness

Body harness with cock ring 50 mm diameter. Adjustable with buckles...

59.99€ Veroton hinta: 59.99€

Leather Harness UK Size 8 to 12

Classic fetish one piece made of black leather straps and connecting rings made of steel. With a gui..

212.99€ Veroton hinta: 212.99€

Leather Hotpants

Genuine leather hotpants with zip and side laces...

131.99€ Veroton hinta: 131.99€

Leather Open Bikini

Open bikini with chain detail, Genuine leather, adjustable with buckles...

74.99€ Veroton hinta: 74.99€

Leather Pouch

Genuine leather male plain brief. One size with elastic...

36.99€ Veroton hinta: 36.99€

Leather Spider Bikini

Genuine leather mini string bikini. One size with elastic...

44.99€ Veroton hinta: 44.99€

Leather Strap OnHarness

Leather briefs with internal and external dildo. Adjustable with buckles...

144.99€ Veroton hinta: 144.99€

Leather Strappy Body

Strap style string body. Adjustable with buckles...

87.99€ Veroton hinta: 87.99€

Leather Strappy Body Male

Genuine leather string with bodyharness made of straps. Adjustable with buckles...

99.99€ Veroton hinta: 99.99€

Leather Strappy Bondage Teddy

Genuine leather body harness with open string and elastic...

87.99€ Veroton hinta: 87.99€

Leather Studded Brief

Genuine leather studded brief. Adjustable with press studs...

107.99€ Veroton hinta: 107.99€

Leather Triangle Brief

Genuine leather opened front string. Adjustable with press studs...

53.99€ Veroton hinta: 53.99€

Mens Leather Gstring

Ultra soft Leather Gstring with fully adjustable straps up to a 40 inch waist Press stud detail..

91.99€ Veroton hinta: 91.99€

Top and Brief Chain Set

Top and Briefs set from metal chains, adjustable with carabine hooks...

112.99€ Veroton hinta: 112.99€