Penispäälliset ja Tuet

Penispäälliset ja Tuet


1.75 Inch Veinzy Penis Extension

This Black penis extension will give you and extra 1.75 inches on your lenght and about half to 1 in..

26.99€ Veroton hinta: 26.99€

2 Inch Veinzy Extension

Penis sleeve to give you extra girth and 2 extra inches in length. The other side of the sleeve is v..

27.99€ Veroton hinta: 27.99€

Adam and Eve The Penis GSpot Enhancer Cage

The Penis Enhancer Cage with G Spot. Enhance the sensation for you and your partner with this penis ..

15.99€ Veroton hinta: 15.99€

Apollo Premium Girth Enhancer Sleeve Smoke 3.5 Inch

Stretchy enhancer adds girth and support Dual semicircle stainless steel supports for comfort and st..

18.99€ Veroton hinta: 18.99€

Bad Kitty Penis Sleeve

The Bad Kitty Penis Sleeve stimulates her and him.Tight fitting sleeve with closed glans sleeve an..

22.99€ Veroton hinta: 22.99€

Blue Lagoon Penis Sleeves

4 penis sleeves of blue transparent silicone like material. wavy design, grooved structure, stimuli ..

17.99€ Veroton hinta: 17.99€

Clear Textured Orgasma Sleeve

A cleared textured sleeve thats can be worn on the penis or placed on a vibrator to add extra text..

6.99€ Veroton hinta: 6.99€

Clear Vibrating Penis Sleeve

Transparent nubby siliconelike penis sleeve with a small vibrating bullet to be placed in the extens..

28.99€ Veroton hinta: 28.99€

Clitoral Massager Penis Sleeve

Funnel shaped penis sleeve with three stimulation grooves, integrated testicles ring and a little ..

14.99€ Veroton hinta: 14.99€

Crystal Skin Penis Sleeve

Soft, transparent stimulation sleeve with spikes. Extremely stretchable in length and diameter. Can ..

17.99€ Veroton hinta: 17.99€

Ecstasy Extension Penis Sleeve

Ecstasy Extension Light Up Pleasure sleeve brings a completely new erotic sensation to intimate play..

17.99€ Veroton hinta: 17.99€

Fantasy Xtensions Girth Gainer System 4 Piece Set

Turn your penis into an instant pleasure machine with the incredible Fantasy Xtensions. Now you can ..

33.99€ Veroton hinta: 33.99€

Fantasy Xtensions Silicone Extreme Power Vibrating Cock Cage

Turn your penis into an instant pleasure machine with the incredible Fantasy Xtensions. Now you can ..

28.99€ Veroton hinta: 28.99€

Fat Dick Penis Sleeve

If you are interested in adding size and girth to your cock, the Fat Dick Penis Enhancer is the perf..

41.99€ Veroton hinta: 41.99€

Gladiator Beaded Penis Sleeve

Super stretchy and super soft, this ultimately sensitive sleeve is beaded and noduled. Slide it over..

6.99€ Veroton hinta: 6.99€

Glamy Love Penis Extension

Penis sheath. Heightens stimulation and boosts erection and self control. Stretches to fit any size...

14.99€ Veroton hinta: 14.99€

Glow In The Dark Silicone Penis Extension

Softy life like feel, instantly adds length 2 inches and girth, ribbed for extra pleasure. thrill no..

16.99€ Veroton hinta: 16.99€

Invisible Adonis Pouch

Ball and Cock support sleeve, dual support, comfortable and streches to fit. Comes with 3 spped wate..

33.99€ Veroton hinta: 33.99€

iSex USB Super Stroker

Give plug n play a whole new meaning with this incredible collection of portable USB powered pleasur..

23.99€ Veroton hinta: 23.99€

Lidl Extra

Stretches huge for easy entry and a firm extension..

12.99€ Veroton hinta: 12.99€

Lust Finger Sleeve

These Lust Fingers give you lust at your fingertips. This two pack of clit stims contains a pink rib..

6.37€ Veroton hinta: 6.37€

Medusa Extender

Penis extender that will give you extra lenght and girth. On the outside of the sleeve there is a fe..

28.99€ Veroton hinta: 28.99€

NS Novelties Renegade Reversible Power Cage Black

The Reversible Power Cage redefines versatility. This TPE power cage features large defined nubs to ..

20.99€ Veroton hinta: 20.99€

Nubby Mega Stretch Penis Extension

Gain length and girth with this 6.5 inch pink sleeve that has ribs and numbs for extra stimulation. ..

18.99€ Veroton hinta: 18.99€

Plump Bunny Rabbit Sleeve

Supercharge your manhood with the Plump Bunny Thickener Sleeve with Tickler Ears and Scrotum Ring...

20.99€ Veroton hinta: 20.99€

Pure Lust Penis Sleeve

Soft penis sleeve made of extremely stretchable silicone like material with stimulus spikes and stim..

13.99€ Veroton hinta: 13.99€

Ready 4 Action Real Feel Penis Enhancer

Increase your girth and intensify pleasure for you both with this Real Feel Penis Enhancer. Slide it..

26.60€ Veroton hinta: 26.60€

Reversible Cock Sleeve

Reversible sleeve for your cock or vibrator...

19.99€ Veroton hinta: 19.99€

Rubber Secrets Penis Manchet

Over 600 percent stretch guarantee, penis and testicle cover...

19.99€ Veroton hinta: 19.99€

Senso Sleeves 2 Pack

The Super Stretchy Silicone Extensions Made for Enhanced Sensual Stimulations 2 Pack...

13.99€ Veroton hinta: 13.99€

Shots Ribbed Cockcage

The ribbed cockcage from Shots toys is the perfect accessory for the swift men among us This 100 per..

18.99€ Veroton hinta: 18.99€

Shots Stinger I Skin

Extend the pleasure for both sides with the Stinger cockcage from Shots Toys. It and rsquos made fro..

27.99€ Veroton hinta: 27.99€

Shots Stinger III Black

Extend the pleasure for both sides with the Stinger cockcage from Shots Toys. It and rsquos made fro..

22.57€ Veroton hinta: 22.57€

Silicone Penis Extension

extra stimualtion and satisfaction, made from super stretchy silicone i will give you up to 3 inches..

18.99€ Veroton hinta: 18.99€

Size Matters Clear Penis Sleeve

Add girth and length to your penis with this easy to use sleeve. Will add 3 inches to your lenght an..

17.99€ Veroton hinta: 17.99€

Size Matters Clear Vibrating Penis Sleeve

Add girth and length to your penis with this easy to use sleeve. It has a small bullet at the base f..

24.99€ Veroton hinta: 24.99€

Size Matters Clearly Ample Penis Enhancer

Men can enjoy a bigger, thicker, longer lasting erection instantly, with no pills, creams, or device..

31.99€ Veroton hinta: 31.99€

Thick Ur Dick

The Thick Ur Dick penis extender makes your cock thicker for the pleasure of your very lucky partner..

32.99€ Veroton hinta: 32.99€

Three Extra Inches

FHM Sex Awards 2003 Love Toys Contender. Ever wished you could give her that little bit more. The ..

28.99€ Veroton hinta: 28.99€

Wolfman 2.75 Inch Extension

Bring out the beast with this 2.75 Inch penis extender in the shape of a wolfs genitails. Not only w..

40.99€ Veroton hinta: 40.99€

XL Black Mamba Penis Sleeve

The Black Mamba is now available in an extra large version. This lifelike penis extender is sure to ..

32.25€ Veroton hinta: 32.25€

Xtra Lust Penis Sleeve

Nubby penis sleeve with silicone feel material...

19.99€ Veroton hinta: 19.99€