Finger Fun

Now you can massage those tight spots and satisfy that need to relax Place the soft silicone ring ar..

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Fukuoku 9000 Finger Vibe

This is the original finger vibe from Fukuoku. the worlds smallest massager. This kit comprises of t..

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Fukuoku Five Finger Massage Glove

A totally unique product. A massage glove fitted with five finger vibrators. The sensations are incr..

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Fukuoku Five Finger Massage Glove Left Hand

The worlds first waterproof multi speed massage glove. The Fukuoku Five Finger Massage Glove houses ..

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Fukuoku Power Pack

By now you have discovered the oriental secret of Fukuoku 9000. the ORIGINAL WORLDS SMALLEST MOST PO..

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Goodhead Vibrating Tongue Ring Pink

Slip on the one size fits all disposable vibrating tongue ring and watch her ecstasy soar to new hei..

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Hello Touch Jimmy Jane

hello touch offers more than three times the power of the most common fingertip vibrators while taki..

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Horny Honey Finger Play Dolphin

Your Horny Honey will feel the pleasure of your new Magical Touch with the vibrating Finger Play. Yo..

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Jopen Key Aries Finger Massager

Powerful discreet massager with 5 intense patterns. Made of soft body safe silicone. Free storage ba..

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Jopen Key Pyxis Waterproof Silicone Finger Massager

Let KEYs powerful and irresistible Pyxis Finger Massager guide you to new heights of ecstasy. This i..

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Rabbit Finger Sleeve

Ultrasoft stretchable silicone finger vibe shaped like a rabbit. Removable Bullet Vibe...

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The Finger Vibe

Designed for women by women. easy push button vibrating clitoral stimulator. wireless it slips on th..

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The Nympho Ultra Finger Vibrator

Sensual silicone vibrating clitoral and vaginal stimulator, with an easy one touch onoff button. The..

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The Velvet Kiss Collection Finger Pleaser Vibe

Soft as a velvet glove. Strong as a lovers kiss. 3 speed. Phthalates free and waterproof. Requires 3..

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Tricky Fingers Finger Sleeves

Silicone finger sleeves. Exceptionally soft and supple. Raised massing rings...

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