9 Inch Wall Bangers Double Penetrator Waterproof Vibrator

Enjoy wall bangin satisfaction every time with this incredible vibrating double penetrator stimulato..

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Auto Erotica 3 in 1 Female Masturbator

The amazing Auto Erotica was designed by a woman working closely with other women. Featuring 3 stimu..

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Crystal Cox Duo Penetrator

Duo Penetrator is a large powerful multi speed vibrator with anal stimulation...

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Double Diver Duo Penetrator

Enhancer gives ample support for him with powerful vibrations for her Flexible penetrator with benda..

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Double Penetrator Red

Double your fun with this fully bendable vibrating shaft and testicular and clitoral stimulation. Th..

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Fidelity Anal Fantasy 1

Keep the fidelity in your relationship even if your partner wants to be penetrated in both holes at ..

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Intensifi Ali 10 Function Silicone

Intensifi Ali 10 Function duo vibrator. Its made from 100% silicone and has a removable bullet.Doubl..

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Jelly Caribbean Tango Duo Vibrator

The Tango is a 7 half inches soft jelly vibe that will warm to the body. The Tango is for those who ..

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Naturals Double Penetrator

The natural collection naturally coloured pleasure products have the look and fell of real. You will..

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Naturals Vibro Double Penetrator

This naughty tool is for perfect for that Double Penetration feel, it will really fill you up Featur..

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Power Stud Over And Under Duo Vibrator

Double headed anal and vaginal vibrating dildo. 3 speed vibrating...

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XCEL Double Penetrations Vibrator

10 Inch Double penetrator with multi speed vibrations...

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