Desi Love Balls Pink

Vaginal shaking balls for every day use. Feelz Toys products are made of 100 percent medical grade..

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Vibrating egg for clitoral stimulation, but also very stimulating for use by couples. Can be used on..

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Feelztoys Playbrush

Vibrating brush for extremely stimulating moments. Paint your lover with for example chocolate pai..

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Fonzie Vibrator Pink

Hight quality vibrator specially designed for g spot and clitors stimulation. Powerful and ultra q..

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Gino Vibrator Blue

Hight quality vibrator specially designed for g spot stimulation. Powerful and ultra quiet vibrato..

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Ergonomically designed, powerful, high quality vibrating penis ring. What is unique about this item,..

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Two unique, innovative, powerful, top quality finger vibrators with an infinite variety of sensual u..

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Rosa Finger Vibrator

The first finger vibrator that besides the clitoris also will find the G Spot. Finger vibrator to ..

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2 Small vibrators to wear around the tongue. Turn your tongue into a vibrator. Let your tongues vi..

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