All Star Enhancer Ring

Soft and stretchy, this erection enhancer fits comfortably at the base of the penis while the nubbed..

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Beaded Love Ring

Soft rubber ring with small beads inside, guaranteed to keep your erection hard and fast through all..

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Big Daddy Cock Ring

This cock ring is perfect for the larger penis, it is a very sterdy fit and is made larger then your..

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Cock Cage Enhancer

Stretch this amazing cock over your erection for added support and increased pleasure...

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Double Booster Adjustable Cockring

The adjustable cock ring made of black silicone, creates a rock hard erection. The ring is easy and ..

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Dual Rings Shaft And Balls Ring

Dual Rings, one piece design to fit the shaft and balls. Made of durable silicone...

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Dual Support Magnum Ring

Slip the Dual Support Magnum Ring over your erection while the ribbed scrotum ring wraps around the ..

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HexNut Cock Ring

Tighten up your tool with this HexNut Cock Ring The super stretchy material allows it to be used as ..

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Julians Stud Ring

Slip over the base of your penis and pull tight to secure the ring around the penis. Keep the blood ..

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ManzzzToys Rollie Blue

Cock ring designed to be placed around penis and testicles. For longer erection and for gentle mas..

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Metallic Bead Ring

Stretchy enhancement ring with metal beads for stimulating tactile sensations. Realistic dildo not i..

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Nexus Enduro Stretchy Silicone Cock Ring

Crafted from super stretchy silicone, this phthalate free cock ring is one size fits all and the per..

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Oxballs Cocksling 2 Cock And Ball Ring

COCKSLING 2 is the absolute best cockring we ever madewe have worn em to fuck, stroke, for piss play..

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Paramour Cock Ring

Beautiful, sensuous and practical, the Paramour massages the clit or anus with every stroke..

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Perfect Fit Ribbed Ring Clear

Extremely stretchy and strong, to fit most sizes...

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Perfect Fit Tribal Son Ram Ring 2 Pack Black

Extremely stretchy and strong, to fit most sizes. 2 rings..

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Pro Rings

Spoilt for choice with this 3 pack of beaded soft stretchy cockrings, small, medium and large..

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Rock Rings Roadies L Cock Rings

The Roadies make sure that your equipment is in perfect working order before the big show. These coc..

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Rock Rings The 3 Ring Circus Cock Rings

You can entertain your partner with juggling, fire eating or tight rope walking or you can pop one o..

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Rock Rings The Cocktagon lll 3 Pack Black Cock Rings

In the shape of an octagon, with eight fantastic sides and eight awesome angles, The Cocktagon will ..

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Rock Rings The Hellfire ll 2 Pack Black Cock Rings

Become the god of Hellfire with these uniquely shaped cock rings that are extremely comfortable due ..

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Sean Michaels Erection Ring

For Extra performance slip into my love ring. This red rubber tubed ring has black adjustable beads ..

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Sex Marathon

A sexual marathon. Shape up your sexual abilities with these multicoloured cock rings and make that ..

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Support Plus Enhancer Ring

Worlds first patented stainless steel support system. Durable, stretchy and discreet. Dual semi circ..

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Support Plus The Passion Cage

Support Plus is the worlds first patented support system with added flexibility and comfort. Dual se..

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The Tight Spot Cock Ring

The Tight Spot 100 Silicone Cock Ring with twin beads..

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Thin Metal 0.4cm Wide Cock Ring

Stainless steel. solid cockring. 0.4cm wide band..

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TitanMen Tool Cock Cage

Keeping an erection has never been so easy with this stretchy cockring and being 2 inches long it wi..

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TitanMen Tool Cock Ring

Want to be able to use your tool for longer This cock ring has the answer, made from Thermoplastic R..

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Tower Of Power Cock Rings 6 Pack

You have got the power. The Tower of Power Cock Rings, that is. A great selection of 6 shapes are yo..

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Toy Joy Hard To Please Joy Ring

For Extra performance slip into my love ring. This rubber tubed ring has an adjustable bead to loose..

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Toy Joy Stud Rings

Boost your erection, black for power, white for endurance...

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Tri 3 Ring Cock Cage

Triple your pleasure Applies pressure perfectly on the scrotum, testicles and penis shaft. Prevents ..

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Triple Metal Cock Ring Set

A complete set of metal cockrings to give you the extra staying power and performance she demands...

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Ultimate Stroker Beads

Incredible sensations for him and her from the Ultimate Stroker Beads. 5 rows of beads add extra sup..

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Universal Gates Of Hell

The Universal Gates of Hell are 3 different sized rubber rings that can be snapped into place on the..

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