12 Piece Cupping System

There are 2 cups for each size.0.625, 1, 1.25, 1.625, 2 and 2.25 inchesSimple put on the skin and at..

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3 Wheels of pain

3 Wheels of pain. Color Silver. Material Plated steel..

27.99€ Veroton hinta: 27.99€

7 Wheels of pain

1.2 inch wide head 1 inch. 7 spinning wheels of Sharpe pins..

61.99€ Veroton hinta: 61.99€

7.5 Inch Stainless Steel Vibrating Urethral Sound

This vibrating urethral sound has amazing potential. It is devious enough in its intended purpose, c..

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Cadence Vibrating Silicone Sound

The pulse and rhythm of this premium vibrating sound will certainly send him over the edge time and ..

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Deluxe Flat Ended Dilator Kit

This 14pc Deluxe Flat Ended Sound kit is a great for kit for beginners or advanced users of urethral..

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DPrimer Penis Plug

This sexy black penis plug affords you the sensations of urethral play with a material that is flexi..

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Excrucio Ringed CumThru Urethral Plug

Excrucio is an imaginative urethral plug made of durable, easy to sterilize stainless steel. Pleasur..

80.99€ Veroton hinta: 80.99€

Hegar 8 Inch Urethral Sounds

The Hegar Sound Set is a urethral dilator sound set with a full set of 8 sounds. Each sound has a di..

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Inertia Flexible Silicone Cum Thru Penis Plug

Sensory play with comfort in mind. This pliable plug features stainless steel interchangeable head r..

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Intake Anal Suction Device 2 Inch

The Intake Anal Suction Device is not for the faint of heart. Once applied, Intake creates an air ti..

21.99€ Veroton hinta: 17.73€

Lancia Stainless Steel Shaft Urethra Sound

The Lancia Shaft features a tapered tip and solid body for serious pleasure. The ease grip end allow..

52.99€ Veroton hinta: 52.99€

Metal Catnail

Put this on your finger to teash and scratch...

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Metal Penis and Ball Crusher

Get extremely kinky with this penis or ball crusher, for the lovers of CBT alone or with a partner. ..

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Mortal Coil Sound

The Mortal Coil sound Master Series is made of brushed stainless steel and is designed to increase p..

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Prick 10 Row Spiked Pinwheel

Run this spiked wheel across the skin and other highly treasured areas for a devious prick of pleasu..

34.99€ Veroton hinta: 34.99€

Pussy Opener

Transparent vaginal speculum made of firm and slippery material. Blades open up to 12cm. With enga..

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Rimba 5 Piece Cupping Set

Integrated with both modern technology and traditional medicine. Accelerate blood circulation and i..

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Silver Hex Heavy Duty Cock Ring and Ball Stretcher

Designed for a tight fit for long lasting erections, this nut is definitely one for the toolbox. Mad..

12.99€ Veroton hinta: 12.99€

Sperm Stopper Ring 28mm

A sleek, modern design made of high grade stainless steel. This solid sperm stopper will ensure th..

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Sperm Stopper Ring 30mm

A sleek, modern design made of high grade stainless steel. This solid sperm stopper will ensure th..

12.99€ Veroton hinta: 10.48€

Stainless Steel 5 Wheel Pin Wheel

Made from stainless steel with 5 wheels of spikes for the ultimate sensation in your play time. Ca..

20.99€ Veroton hinta: 20.99€

Stainless Steel Cock Pin

A sleek, modern design made of high grade stainless steel. This solid pin features a ribbed tip th..

16.99€ Veroton hinta: 16.99€

Stainless Steel Piercing Pincer

Medical piercing forceps with detachable rubber inserts. Also used as nipple clamp...

31.99€ Veroton hinta: 31.99€

Stainless Steel Urethral Probe 7 Inches

Made from stainless steel this urethral probe is 0.35 of an inch at the widest point, its long to ..

23.99€ Veroton hinta: 23.99€

Stainless Steel Urethral Probe With Ring

Made from stainless steel this urethral probe is 0.3 of an inch at the widest point and is hollow...

13.99€ Veroton hinta: 13.99€

Steel Anal Speculum

Steel Anal Speculum made from medical steel...

66.99€ Veroton hinta: 66.99€

Steel Ball Crusher

This is a marvelously effective ball crusher with a very industrial look. Its operation is simple. E..

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Testicles Pillory

Black testicles pillory made of wood with two adjustable..

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The Meat Cleaver Stainless Steel Urethral Stretcher

This exquisitely excruciating piece will spread you open and leave you completely at their mercy. De..

68.99€ Veroton hinta: 68.99€

The Vexing Penis Jewel Hollow Urethral Sound

The Vexing Penis Jewel is designed to restrict and erotically tease. This premium sound is made of b..

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The Wedge Penis Plug

Add more excitement and pleasure to your penis with The Wedge Penis Plug. Made to fulfill all your n..

21.99€ Veroton hinta: 21.99€

Trillium Steel Locking Anal Plug

The Trillium Steel Locking Anal Plug is the perfect toy for fans of both bondage and anal play. As a..

282.99€ Veroton hinta: 282.99€

Vaginal Speculum M

Fancy taking a doctors role, playing the gynaecologist and delving deep into your lovers womanhood. ..

20.99€ Veroton hinta: 20.99€

Van Buren Dilator Set

The Van Buren sounds are about 10.5 inches long and are Jshaped with a single curve near the tip. Th..

100.99€ Veroton hinta: 100.99€

Wheel of Pain

Use the wheel of pain at your own risk Tickle or torture your partner with the spiky wheel that can ..

16.99€ Veroton hinta: 16.99€